the WELL campaign

Take Action

Students’ health and well-being is not New York’s top priority. Our students have limitless potential, and the state government must do more to give our school districts the tools they need to address ALL students’ mental, physical and emotional well-being. Let’s fix this. Take action today.

Join an Advocacy Training

The WELL Campaign is excited to offer an opportunity to learn practical advocacy skills through a virtual training with experts in the field! Advocacy training can take the fear out of action; making it easy and painless to amplify your voice.

During the advocacy training you will learn:

  • What it looks like to advocate for school wellness; which lawmakers you should focus on;

  • How to navigate the policy landscape;

  • How to tell your story to lawmakers;

  • What you might need to bring to a lawmaker’s office;

  • How the WELL Campaign can support your efforts; and more.

We will hold our next virtual training on Tuesday June 11th, from 5-6pm (originally scheduled for 5/30).


Tisch Food Center