the WELL campaign

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Students’ health and well-being is not New York’s top priority. Our students have limitless potential, and the state government must do more to give our school districts the tools they need to address ALL students’ mental, physical and emotional well-being. Let’s fix this. Take action today.

Call your Assemblymember: Please Co-sponsor A7607

Did you already email your Assemblymember asking them to co-sponsor A7607? Now it’s time to follow up with a call! Here’s how to do it in 3 easy steps:

  1. Find your Assemblymember’s contact info here. (Remember, you’re going to talk to a staffer, not the member themselves. The staffers are there to take your calls!)

  2. Make the ask! Here’s suggested language: “Hi, my name is [xxxxx] and I’m a constituent in your district [or, I work with xxxx schools in your district]. I am calling to ask Assemblymember [xxxxx] to please co-sponsor A7607. Our students face daunting challenges and school districts needs tools to help them be healthy and able to learn. This bill will establish a model school wellness policy to help school districts address students’ physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.
    Could you please ask Assemblymember xxx to co-sponsor A7607? Thank you!”

  3. Pat yourself on the back - you just did something great for our state’s students!

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